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Wednesday , October 26 2016

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Politico slanders Michele Bachmann, Makes Outrageous Claim


Politico should issue a retraction and apology to Rep. Michele Bachmann Politico slandered Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) Wednesday while referencing her speech at the Family Research Council’s 2014 Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC, on September 26th. Bachmann’s speech focused on the greatness of America’s founding concept and the threat of …

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Politico’s Mike Allen Fact Checks “Acts Of Terror” Comment; Obama used “Senseless Acts” during Rose Garden Speech referring to Libya


Mike Allen: There’s going to be a bunch of fact checkers. But, just to do a fact check here, when Governor Romney said that Obama had been slow in calling the Libya attack terrorism, and the President said, “Oh wait a minute… The day after in the Rose Garden, I …

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Liberal Leaning CNN Candy Crowley has decided to Re-Write Moderator responsibility before Tomorrow Debate


Via Politico – The town-hall debate is the one presidential face-off in which the audience gets to ask the questions. But don’t tell that to moderator Candy Crowley. Like any journalist worthy of the assignment, Crowley concedes that the debate on Tuesday night isn’t about her, but she just as eagerly acknowledges her role …

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HOT!!! >> Politico’s Evan Thomas Contradicts Michelle Obama: ‘You Can’t Count’ on President ‘To Make the Tough Decisions’

Michelle Obama said at a campaign stop in Philadelphia Wednesday, “When we need a leader to make the hard decisions to keep this country moving forward, you know you can count on my husband, your president.” On PBS’s Inside Washington Friday, Politico’s Evan Thomas surprisingly said, “That’s precisely wrong. You …

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