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Sunday , December 4 2016

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8 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton is Not Fit to be President


The list of reasons why Hillary Clinton is not fit to be president is ever growing and the Republican National Committee put together their own list: 1.) Hillary is the mother of ObamaCare. The ObamaCare individual mandate was the centerpiece of Hillary’s health care plan. 2.) Hillary covered up the …

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RNC starts new faith-focused outreach


The Republican National Committee has started a new initiative aimed at faith voters and launched a new website called The new initiative will be lead by Faith Engagement Director, Chad Connelly. The purpose of the website is to keep pro-faith voters up to date with how the Republican Party …

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How Do Liberals React to Black Conservatives? [VIDEO]

Black Conservatives

During the Republican Trailblazers Event earlier this month hosted by the Republican National Committee, CNSNews spoke to black conservatives about how liberals react when they find out that they are Republicans. Their responses may surprise you.

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