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Friday , October 21 2016

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POPULAR MESSAGE? GOP frontrunner Trump calls out his side of the tracks! CEO salaries are ‘joke” and “disgrace”


U.S. Republican party presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said on Sunday high salaries paid to chief executives were a “joke” and a “disgrace” and said these were often approved by company boards stacked with the CEO’s friends. I totally agree as do most of you. It’s the good ole boy network …

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Ebony Mag Apologizes for Senior Editor’s Lack of Judgement towards RNC Williams; Still no word from Lemieux


NOTE: Ebony Magazine apologized. I checked Jamilah Lemieux twitter timeline and at the time of this posting, she has not properly apologized. Yesterday, a senior editor for EBONY, Jamilah Lemieux, attacking black conservative RNC staffers, Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams, who tried to challenge her assumptions and called her out for her …

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Lines Drawn! Chairman Priebus Request Apology from Ebony for “White Dude” insult toward Staffer


Chairman Priebus sent a letter to the Editor in Chief at EBONY requesting an apology from the senior editor who engaged with RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams  on , attacked black Republicans, and did not even attempt to show journalistic objectivity. This morning on Fox and Friends, the RNC’s Raffi …

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Obama now extends Mar 31 Red Line for Obamacare Sign-ups!! RNC Priebus Responds

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 6.56.06 AM

According to Politico – The Obama administration says it will extend the  March 31 deadline for signing up for health care for people who have had trouble finishing enrollment.  The “special enrollment period” will be targeted at people who begin the process before the deadline but who encounter problems or who have …

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Former RNC Chairman Steele Left Speechless By ‘Very Haunting And Very Disturbing’ NRA Press Conf

Former RNC Chairman Steele Left Speechless By ‘Very Haunting And Very Disturbing’ NRA Press Conf

There’s a reason why this joker is a former one. He now gets his kicks speaking against the GOP on MSNBC as a contributor. Cancel that Guy! httpvh:// The former Republican National Committee chairman blasted LaPierre for his chosen message: “I just think that this was a missed opportunity to …

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J.C. Watts on RNC Chair: “It’s Hard to have Diversity with Women, or Black, or Yellow, or Brown, or White if You Have No Relationships”


Here is video of former Rep. J.C. Watts talking about the need for diversity within the ranks of the Republican Party, and the importance of “relationships” between the RNC Chair and people around the country to make that happen. Watts appears interested in trying to unseat current RNC Chair Reince …

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New RNC Ad Asks “Why won’t Obama Call Attack on Libya a “Terrorist Attack”? – Obama Won’t Answer


Here is a new Republican National Committee ad that asks why President Obama won’t call the terrorist attack that killed four Americans in Libya a “terrorist” attack? His Secretary of State has done so, as has his White House Spokesman. But as recently as yesterday on “The View” and at …

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New RNC Ad Highlights Democrats’ Use of “Fear and Division” to “Distract” American Voters


This new RNC Ad uses scenes from the Democratic National Convention to drive home the point that Barack Obama and the Democrats “will say anything to try and distract” voters from the disastrous economic policies of Obama’s Presidency. httpvh:// Obama is using the politics of fear and division to try …

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