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Friday , February 5 2016

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Dem Guest Goes Ballistic on Hannity; Claims Crystal Wright/Hannity Hate Blacks – VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 5.00.38 AM

Hannity’s panel went totally war-like when guest Leo Terrell wildly claimed that Idaho and Utah are segregated states and apartheid does exist in America. He totally went ballistic on host Hannity and guest Crystal Wright, “People like me can’t go to Idaho and Wyoming! Those are segregated states and always …

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ObamaCare Website worker from Panama City, Florida Fired for Speaking to Media, Sean Hannity…………..developing

Erling (sp?) Davis from Panama City, Florida was fired from her job of taking registering ObamaCare participants information for the failed Government run healthcare program, because she spe to Sean Hannity, a member of the media. Sources say, Erling was pulled from the floor after the call, read the non-disclosure …

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Hannity and Brigette Gabriel Destroy 9-11 Muslim March founder MD Rabbi Alam with Facts


Anti-Islamic activist Brigitte Gabriel helped Hannity take up the other side of the argument, condemning the group for “crying victim” rather than standing up against terrorism. Instead of saying “we rebuke anybody who blows up civilians in the name of Jihad,” Gabriel said, “they are gathering together and crying victim. …

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Senator Ted Cruz: The Real purpose for Democrats background check: Federal List of Every Gun Owner


Here is video of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz telling Sean Hannity that the real purpose of the Democrats’ “Universal Background Check” push is to create a “Federal list of every Gun Owner in America.” Cruz said that would be wrong,” and “unconstitutional.”   httpvh:// [fb]

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