Video: Inner City Woman On Crack & Heroin Freaks Out – Can The GOP Help?

I’ve seen it before. Men & women on hard core drugs lose it, and struggle to cope with reality. Eventually, many of them die. This sad event took place in an inner city suburb in New York. I escaped a gang and drugs when I was 19. I did it on my own. I always wished that there would’ve been someone there that could’ve helped.

My question to everyone is, is there anything the GOP can do to stem the tide of drug abuse in inner cities, and help some of these people come back to reality, and get back on their feet? I think there is. It will take volunteers though, and people with experience with gangs and the drug culture. If you’re one of those, I ask you to think about it. The life you save, and that of others, might just be thankful, and start voting for the party that actually gives a shit, and not for the party that doesn’t, but merely wants government to control their lives.

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