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Video: Inner City Woman On Crack & Heroin Freaks Out – Can The GOP Help?



iResist is a conservative/Libertarian activist, chairman emeritus of Ross Perot's Reform Party of California, former national rally organizer for Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi, and Social Media Director for

I’ve seen it before. Men & women on hard core drugs lose it, and struggle to cope with reality. Eventually, many of them die. This sad event took place in an inner city suburb in New York. I escaped a gang and drugs when I was 19. I did it on my own. I always wished that there would’ve been someone there that could’ve helped.

My question to everyone is, is there anything the GOP can do to stem the tide of drug abuse in inner cities, and help some of these people come back to reality, and get back on their feet? I think there is. It will take volunteers though, and people with experience with gangs and the drug culture. If you’re one of those, I ask you to think about it. The life you save, and that of others, might just be thankful, and start voting for the party that actually gives a shit, and not for the party that doesn’t, but merely wants government to control their lives.

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    oh my gosh. it’s so hard seeing that. so glad you’re making a point to reach out. this is a huge deal to me too.

  2. Tommy Troyer

    Sorry I don’t feel bad for her one bit, she put the drugs into her body. I don’t feel any kind of moral obligation to give her my tax dollars either, because they would be a waste.

  3. BubblesinGriffinGA

    Ya…. You go on living your life like that. Luckily, there are people who see the human beneath the drugs. If it was your family, you would want someone to care. I’m glad there are people out here that care about others, rather than just being a selfish jerk like you. :) Hope you never need help from anyone. Ever.

  4. BubblesinGriffinGA

    I agree. It amazes me how closed people are to those who need help with addiction. I was addicted to drugs for years, thankfully, I got out before it killed me. If the government can spend money on the sex habits of Japanese quail on cocaine (yes, really. Look it up) then they can spend money here at home to help people become productive members of society again, and get their lives back.

  5. Tonya Duvall

    Drugs are just not a inner city problem anymore. I live in a small town and the drugs are everywhere you look in people you would never suspect. It is a sad thing to watch and I wish we could get a handle on it. That being said I think we should begin with understanding the problem is not just in inner cities it is everywhere. I pray for the woman and hope she gets the help she desperatly needs.

  6. Dan Vike

    Luckily for most people, they haven’t experienced the power of drug addition nor do they understand how people can become addicted to begin with. At one time, I believed the same way that Tommy Troyer believes until I suffered a serious injury. The pain medication that was prescribed after each of the 4 surgical procedures, ended up becoming a problem for me requiring help. None of this had anything to do with social economic issues. I live in the suburbs of a large city in a 300,000.00 house making a six figure salary. Drug addiction is similar to a disease in that if left untreated it will likely get worse and lead to death. But it isn’t the same because our body can’t fight it with our immune system. Regardless, we should not judge those with addiction problems. Instead we need to treat it. If we do not, many addicts end up stealing from us, or murdering someone and if treated, they could end up being productive members of society. Instead of judging them, let’s help them for our sake as well as the sake of the addict and his/her family.

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