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VIRAL!!! Barbara From Harlem – Obama Must Go From Our White House!!

Wayne Dupree
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Wayne Dupree

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.
Wayne Dupree
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Tea Parties United is a growing federation of New York and New Jersey Tea Party groups that is making an impact in the lower Hudson Valley. TPU held a rally at the Platzi Brauhaus in Pomona, NY on Saturday afternoon, October 15, 2011. Close to 300 people attended the four-hour event..

Barbara: “I don’t curse, but we’re going to kick butt”


Several notable speakers inspired the crowd, but nobody electrified the patriots like Barbara from Harlem. If you don’t know of Barbara, she is a frequent caller to the Mark Levin national talk radio show.


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  1. Vivian Flynn

    Barbara – You certainly have guts! I think Obama has set race relations back decades by promoting this in-fighting (using my favorite O theory, "Divide and Conquer"…with any subject that will cause dissention). You are a true patriotic American and I feel that you speak from your heart; your enthusiasm is uplifting; you are eloquent, smart, beautiful and true to our God and our Nation. May God bless you!

  2. Kim Saladini

    I LOVE THIS WOMAN…… GOD BLESS AMERICA AND BARBARA. SHE HAS SPIRIT AND SPEAKS THE TRUTH….. I LOVE YOU SWEETIE. You are right….color makes no difference…. we are one.

  3. LifeIsGood

    Barbara speaks the truth. I pray that more people across the country will wake up. Let's reclaim our country. We do not serve him; he is to serve us.

  4. Kelly Harris

    What a great video! She said it so well and with such passion! This is a great country and we can solve all of the problems facing this nation if we all work together!

  5. barb purvis

    Thank You Lord for Barbara and her Christian dicernment and her courage and abilities to speak the truth!!! Continue to guide and protect her in all her endeavors.In Jesus Name Amen

  6. Edward Reyes

    Yes, we the asiaN americans gOt fooled in 08..but like all of you guys…i care about this country,my family care about this,TOGETHER WE STAND ,DIVIDED ,WE FALL…thank you PATRIOTS !!!!! ROMNEY/RYAN FOR AMERICA !!!!!!

  7. John Orrell

    God bless her. Obama has been trying to divide us ever since he took office. We owe everything in this country to the diverse cultures we bring to this country. We are all immigrants, and Barbara described it perfectly. We are all Gods' creation, and this is the country he set aside for us to have to be free from tyranny and plan our own lives. Wake up people! Color is who we are . A whole array of colors. and as Barbara so wonderfully put it. We are all Americans. Obama is not. He even said from his own lips that he was not born here and is a Muslim. He does not belong in our house. Next he will be in everyone' bedroom. We need to show them that we are united as a people and that we are not the stupid animals that they think we are . Everyone has the same aspirations regardless of race,. To have a job,be successful, raise a family and pursue happiness. We need good paying jobs and not the part-time jobs that this Administration keeps counting. Did you ever think that how boring a world would be if we were all identical to each other? Time we put down our I pods, quite texting and start talking to each other. There is no other choice but freedom. People have risked everything they had to get to this country, and fought hard to keep it. Our graves are all over the world, and now we are just going to sit by and hand it over and let someone enslave us?? God Help Us! and God Bless America!

  8. Missy Demeanor

    Barbra pays taxes and is sick of the denigration of people by trite classes of color and race identity! its all bs used by political dirtbags to suppress and exploit people! u go girl!! be real!

  9. Virginia Heether

    WOW She is WONDERFUL. And Barbara needs to be out there with R&R to show others that white people are not the only ones for them as Obama & Biden have said. She one BEAUTIFUL lady held me all the way to the end of her speach. She truly speaks the TRUTH

  10. Manilamfm

    God bless you Ms. Barbara! This is a very inspiring message. Very powerful. I pray that President Obama is defeated come November 6th election. In Jesus name may we have a God fearing leader!!!!!!

  11. Tanya Mack

    SO true Vivian! And King Barry's effort to "Divide and Conquer" goes so much further than just with race (though that's one of his biggest); it also applies to financial status (When have we ever been referred to so much as the "Poor" "Middle Class" & "The Super Rich-Who Don't Pay Their Fair Share"?) There's also "those who work" & "those who can't do for themselves" -So apparently, everyone that is unemployed right now thanks to his policies crushing jobs, simply can't do for themselves? Even though most of those who aren't working right now CAN do for themselves & would certainly prefer to, when there are jobs available that is. And he says Romney is the one who thinks they're "victims"?? And finally, there's the Conservatives…who, according to Obama are horrible people because we "just cling to our God, our guns & our religion". So apparently no liberals own a gun, believe in God, or have faith? Talk about divisiveness….and coupled with his own rhetoric, you add in the rhetoric of Joe Biden-who seems to think all of us here in the south were "in chains" prior to them coming to our rescue! Good to know…

    Kudos to Barbara for standing up for her convictions, and for saying what so many of us have been thinking (and some saying) for 4yrs! What a true patriot!

  12. DietNot

    God Bless you Miss Barbara! America Loves You and We are All Very Proud To Know You Are On Our Side. Brave Warrior. Fighting for the future of this beautiful country. America belongs to all of us. We are Americans first. Thank You!

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