UPDATED with Names! We’re Not Uncle Tom’s – We are Proud Black Conservative Americans Who believe in Freedom – VIDEO

I have looked at doing this for some time now and today was the day. Look at the members that I have added to this video and know that I didn’t get everyone I wanted to but I wanted you all to get the message. We are proud black Americans who’ve chosen to leave the Democrat Party for better opportunities for ourselves and our families. We didn’t do this for show or for any prestige…this is something that we were compelled to do and we have accepted the consequences with the name calling, the hate mail, the threats but we still press on!

UPDATED – We are not Uncle Tom’s, We are Proud Black Conservatives On the Move w/Names
from Wayne Dupree on Vimeo.

You must remember, we don’t fall for the tricks of the democrat party. We’ve been there before and we know them. They won’t work against us so now we have to dialogue. If you are a black democratic voter, we are not speaking bad against you but we know that there is something else out there that’s better. Share your thoughts!


If you read this post, share your comments below or share this story with your friends and family. You are our voice and we depend on you to help us get the word out.

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