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Why is F. Chuck Todd Angry at CNN’s Neverending Nothing New Coverage of Missing Malaysian Plane?

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MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd is back again with some scolding words for his rival network.

He tweeted Friday morning:

He answered critics who suggest that he, too, is part of the problem by working for another cable news network:

Todd’s issue seems to be with how CNN’s “breaking news” abuse lends itself to a narrative that indicts the media at large:

Chuckie, Chuckie, Chuckie – give me a break!!!

CNN?? Really??

YOU ALL DID IT – 24/7. And you will all continue giving us the latest NON-information available. It is what you do.

BTW, Chuck didn’t  point to any specific CNN headlines, but he could be referring to ones like this: “BREAKING NEWS: Solving Plane Mystery Could Take Years”.

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