Angry Chuck Todd

Why is F. Chuck Todd Angry at CNN’s Neverending Nothing New Coverage of Missing Malaysian Plane?

MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd is back again with some scolding words for his rival network.

He tweeted Friday morning:

He answered critics who suggest that he, too, is part of the problem by working for another cable news network:

Todd’s issue seems to be with how CNN’s “breaking news” abuse lends itself to a narrative that indicts the media at large:

Chuckie, Chuckie, Chuckie – give me a break!!!

CNN?? Really??

YOU ALL DID IT – 24/7. And you will all continue giving us the latest NON-information available. It is what you do.

BTW, Chuck didn’t  point to any specific CNN headlines, but he could be referring to ones like this: “BREAKING NEWS: Solving Plane Mystery Could Take Years”.

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