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WTH? Georgia Snow Burns when set to fire?

Honestly this is crazy. I have never seen snow burn before. I always thought if you put fire to snow that it will melt. A young lady trying to prove a showed how the snow turned black when fire was added. I am not sure how to classify this but it’s more than weird.


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  • NathanWard

    I think that she switched out the snowball with the fake snow… :)

  • CaptainWatchdog

    It is obvious they cut the filming several times…It appears that it is a marshmallow covered in fake snow. Marshmallows of course turn black (before erupting into flames as anyone who has been around a campfire can attest) and fake snow will insulate the marshmallow from catching fire too quickly. Where do people find the time to do stuff like this?

  • JenniferClemensPanga

    ummm not weird…FAKE. LMAO@ *non melting snow* conspirarcy theories!

  • syncere

    really people? its fake i live right here in ga and the snow is melting …and in some areas as soon as it hit the ground it this is funny.. try something else..MOVE ALONG NEXT!!!

  • RobJohnson5…  Guess I'll have to try this next time I go to the snow just to see for myself

  • RobJohnson5

    And why all the cut scenes?